Tetsuji Matsuo is a Japanese drummer and composer.


Tetsuji started to play the drums in high school.

He joined rock bands and played in Tokyo and Osaka area.

In 2005, He went to the United States, and studied jazz and classical music at Whitworth University.


He is influenced from various music, jazz, classical, rock, electronica, club music, and ethnic music...etc. Especially about the drums, he is influenced from Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette, John Bonham, and Brian Blade. Also, He started to play the piano when was studying in the US.


After came back to Japan in 2008, He started to make improvisational music by the piano and drums. He is influenced from artists, Cezanne, Monet, Klee and reflecting the feelings of their art to his music.


Also, His two songs were played by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s radio program “RADIO SAKAMOTO”. 


In 2014, He formed Black Mountain Conception, “improvisational abstract music duo", with O'bo, a guitarist.


In 2018, He released his solo album 「Journey」from Shrine.jp, Kyoto based music label. 

In 2021 He participated in the music production of Yu Shimomura’s dance work “Defection for beginners: The country of VOICE”. Also, He participated in Haco’s new album “Nova Naturo”. In addition to that, originally released in 2012, his EP "flow" has been remastered and re-released.

Now, He lives and composes music in his home, Hyogo prefecture in Japan.

○「flow」 https://tetsujimatsuo.bandcamp.com/album/flow

△「Journey」 https://music.apple.com/jp/album/journey/1436269633

 ◆ BMC -Black Mountain Conception- : https://www.blackmountainconception.com




松尾 哲治








2005年渡米し、Whitworth Universityにて音楽を学ぶ。




セザンヌ、モネ、クレーなどの絵画への興味も音楽に反映されている。坂本龍一氏のラジオ番組、”RADIO SAKAMOTO”のオーディションで、2度楽曲がオンエアされる。


それに加え、 2014年、友人でありギタリストのO'boとBlack Mountain Conceptionを結成、活動を開始する。


2021年、ダンサー・振付家 下村唯のダンス作品「亡命入門 声の国」の音楽制作に参加する。

そして、世界的に活動している音楽家・サウンドアーティスト Hacoのニューアルバム「Nova Naturo」(ノヴァ・ナチュロ)に参加した。それに加え、2012年にリリースしていたEP「flow」をリマスタリングして、再リリースした。



○「flow」 https://tetsujimatsuo.bandcamp.com/album/flow

△「Journey」 https://music.apple.com/jp/album/journey/1436269633

​◆  BMC -Black Mountain Conception- : https://www.blackmountainconception.com